ing06zPilates is best experienced one on one with a trained instructor. This is why we strongly encourage a individualised One-on-One session prior to starting any class. For those with specific needs and goals continuing one on one as a weekly exercise regime will provide fantastic results. One-on-One you can utilise all the equipment under the watchful eye of your instructor. Fee details.

Please contact the clinic to book your One-on-One session.

Group Equipment

ing10zThese classes allow for four to five clients with one instructor in which you are closely supervised through a personalised workout. You are able to utilise all the Pilates equipment and work at your own level. This is ideal for those who have specific needs or goals who enjoying exercising in a group environment.

Prior to joining a class you will have an assessment session and possibly several One-on-One sessions to feel confident with some basic equipment repertoire. See our timetable for current class times. Additional classes can be set up at times that suit if sufficient numbers are available. Fee details.

Please contact the clinic for bookings or for more information on Group Equipment Classes.


ing09zMat classes are our most popular Pilates classes as they provide a generalised workout in a larger class setting. We have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for around 10 clients per class. During these sessions you may also utilise our small apparatus including swiss balls, rollers, ova balls, magic circles, thera-band and dowels.

We strong encourage client to have a One-on-One assessment and introduction prior to starting any Mat class. Fee details.

See our timetable for current class times. Please contact the clinic for bookings or for more information on Mat Classes.


ing11zNew to the studio the Reformer/Mat classes combine 30mins of matwork and 30mins of reformer exercises. The reformer is the most versatile piece of Pilates equipment and once you try it you’ll never look back!

The Reformer/Mat class is ideal for those with some Pilates experience who wish to diversify their Pilates workout. Maximum of 8 per class.

To become familiar with the basics of the reformer you will need to book a One-on-One session prior to starting this class. Please contact the clinic to enrol. Fee details.

Pre and Post Natal

ing04zPregnant ladies and new mums need specific care which is why we offer a specific pre and post natal class. Bring your baby along and exercise under the guidance of an experienced Physiotherapist. A variety of educational topics will be covered in the classes including: breast feeing posture, moving and handling baby and pelvic floor retraining. Maximum 10 per class. Please contact the clinic to enrol.